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The Annual Debate

April 6, 2012

Every year during the first weekend of April, all sports fans look forward to watching the biggest major golf tournament.  The Masters.  And every year we have the same discussion.  Should women be allowed into membership at the exclusive Augusta National Golf Club?

Let me say the answer to that question is YES.  But let me also say that I believe in the right to making your own rules if you are the owner of a PRIVATE company. 

If I ever started up a golf club, I would allow women membership equally to men.  But I am not the owner of the Augusta National Golf Club and I respect their decision to disallow female membership.  Let me also ask this question.  If a woman or a group of women wanted to start up a “women’s only” club, would there be as much petitioning or discussion to allow men in??

And another thing, why does it matter??  Do women feel the need to be “justified” by getting membership into an all men’s club??  Dana Loesch (@dloesch) put it nicely in a tweet Friday:  “I don’t need to belong to a men’s club to feel empowered. Empowerment would be to start my own club #Augusta.”  EXACTLY!

Agree or disagree??  Let me know.  Always welcome to feedback.

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  1. Agreed. Not sure what the big deal is. Media is just trying to stir up controversy — as usual. Heard that our illustrious president “B.O.” even shoe-horned his way into the spotlight by providing a comment or two on the subject. YAWN enough already.

  2. I’m with you connman72. Politicians need to stay out of this arguement.

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