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The Great Transfer Block

April 19, 2012

UPDATE:  Uthoff is allowed to transfer to any school outside the Big Ten and receive a scholarship.

One of the hottest topics this week has been the requested transfer of Wisconsin basketball player Jarrod Uthoff.  Head Coach Bo Ryan has blocked a number of schools from taking him.  They include Marquette, Iowa State, Florida and all schools in the Big Ten and ACC.

Uthoff is a 6-8 Forward from Cedar Rapids (Jefferson), Iowa.  He was named 2011 Iowa Mr. Basketball and the Gatorade Player of the Year.

Ryan has been getting hammered in the national media.  For good reason.  To me it’s ridiculous to hold a player “hostage” who doesn’t want to be there.  Does it make sense to block transfers from some schools?  Yes.  But clearly Ryan has gone overboard.

In an interview with ESPN Radio’s “Mike and Mike” this morning, Ryan basically claimed ignorance, because he hasn’t had to deal with many in his great career with the Badgers.

Ryan doesn’t want Uthoff to transfer to the ACC because Wisconsin has a game with that league as part of the annual ACC/Big Ten Challenge.  Major stretch there.

Transfer rules within the same conference usually means sitting out two years instead of one.  I don’t know many players who’d be willing to do that.  If they are, more power to them.  I’d still allow it.

There have been over 300 transfer requests (Division I) so far this off season. I saw one comment online that called it an “epidemic.”  That may be a strong word, but it’s become more common now than 20 years ago.

Mr Ryan, you are an outstanding coach and have been since your arrival in Madison.  Swallow your pride and let Jarrod Uthoff transfer without difficult boundaries.

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