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Classic Television Is Back!!

May 15, 2012

I usually blog about sports……but…….

I’m a 70’s baby.  Grew up in the 70’s and watched television in the late 70’s and 80’s.  They don’t make television like they did back then.  I have become a huge fan of networks like AntennaTV and MeTV.  They are channels 13.3 and 8.2 here in Des Moines (As they say:  Check your local listings).

One 80’s sitcom that has been nightly viewing for me is Too Close For Comfort, which airs on AntennaTV weeknights from 10-11 and Sunday nights from 6-7.  The show starred Ted Knight, Nancy Dussault, Deborah Van Valkenburgh, Lydia Cornell and Jm J Bullock.  Nearly 30 years after this show was produced, this program is hilarious as it was when I watched it as pre-teen.  Ted Knight was a very funny man, that sadly passed way too early in 1986 at the age of 62.  His “WHAA WHAA WHAA WHAA’s” crack me up every time.

I’m also a fan of WKRP in Cincinnati on AntennaTV which airs Sunday night’s from 8-10pm.  THAT was a classic television show.  I admit I like it more because it’s about a radio station and I am and always will be a radio geek.  The show’s characters were Arthur “Big Guy” Carlson, Andy Travis, Herb Tarlek, Dr Johnny Fever, Venus Flytrap, Les Nessman, Bailey Quarters….and who could ever forget the token hot receptionist Jennifer Marlowe.  Great cast.

For me, the AntennaTV Sunday night block from 6-10pm is appointment viewing:  Too Close For Comfort, Newsradio and 2 hours of WKRP.

Currently most original network programming isn’t worth watching.  The only network show I watch on a regular basis is “The Big Bang Theory” on CBS.  I have no liking to any kind of “Reality Television.”  UGH.

Plus watching these old programs brings back happy childhood memories of the 80’s (that decade of music rules by the way).

So thanks AntennaTV and MeTV for bringing back the classics for 70’s babies like me.

All times listed are CENTRAL.

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