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Loving Lucy

May 28, 2012

The Conn family lost our pal Lucy Saturday.  Specifically my brother Adam did, but Lucy became the family pet.  We all got a turn to watch her.  She was a Jack Russell Terrier.  She’d been fighting bladder cancer the better part of 14 months and in recent days her condition had gotten worse.  Lucy wasn’t her energetic spunky self anymore.  Her mind was still there, but her body wasn’t.  Adam made the difficult decision it was time to put her down.  My brother Seth and I were there with him. 

Lucy was a champ.  She went peacefully.  No struggles.  No movement.   She was ready.  So said the doctor who attended to her.  That will always leave a tremendous impression of the type of companion she was.  It was like she knew how hard it was on Adam to do this, and she wanted to make it easier on him.  Dogs are so awesome.

Yesterday I was very down.  Felt pretty empty inside. 

Today has been better.  I will miss that pooch for a long time, but I guess after a day I have taken comfort knowing Lucy is no longer suffering. 

I’ll always remember her excitement when I came to the door.  The way she ran around in circles frantically to “welcome” me whenever I came over.  Lucy was such a happy dog.  That puts a smile on my face.

I’m sure a tear will come to my eye from time to time when I think about her not being around anymore.  But I’ll take comfort in knowing she brought so much joy to me and my family.

Lucy:  You were a sweet, smart, loving and loyal friend.   You were the best.  Love you and miss you. 

To my brother Adam:  Thanks brother for sharing your four legged friend.  I know this is tougher on you than the rest of us.  We love you.

Forever our friend: Lucy

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  1. Robert Musselman permalink

    Sorry about your loss

  2. Thank you Robert.

  3. Tracey Lukasak permalink

    Thank you for sharing your story about Lucy. Pets so easily capture our hearts and love so completely and unconditionally — it’s refreshing really. Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  4. Thanks Tracey. Much appreciated.

  5. donlynturnbull permalink

    Awwww, that breaks my heart!!! But I’m so glad Lucy obviously had tons of love all the while she was here!!! Really nice post!

  6. Thank you Donlyn…

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