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My Nephew Malachi

November 5, 2012

Tonight I got to hold my soon to be 5 month old nephew for the first time.  His name is Malachi.  (For those of you unfamiliar with that name, it’s the final book in the Old Testament).

Malachi was born on June 7th.  He weighed 2 lbs, 2 oz.  He lived his first 3 months in the NICU at Iowa Methodist Medical Center in Des Moines.  He went home to the joy of his parents Adam (my brother) and Eva (Sister-in-law) on September 11th.

I’ll never forget that first night I saw Malachi in the hospital.  It was about a week after he was born.  His skin was all wrinkly, but even at 2 lbs, 2 ozs, he was full of life.  I remember having to hold back tears when I first laid eyes on him.  He had I-V’s all his little body, a little oxygen line underneath his tiny nostrils and still had the strength to pull them out.  They had to wrap up his little hands so he wouldn’t do so.

I have always been a Pro-Lifer, but after witnessing the development of my nephew the last 5 months, I have been given a deeper appreciation of how precious life is.  He now weighs over 10 lbs.

I know I speak on behalf of Adam and Eva when I say THANK YOU for all your thoughts, prayers and well wishes since the day Malachi was born. (Especially to his adopted Twitter Aunties that follow me: @yankees_pbrfan, @adallasqtpie, @chloecat317, and @erinelephant83).  He was recently taken off of oxygen about 2 weeks ago and is a thriving little baby.

Holding and feeding Malachi tonight brought a big smile to my heart.  Looking forward to being an active Uncle to him.



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  1. Tracey Lukasak permalink

    Super sweet picture! What an adorable baby! The power of prayer is amazing.

  2. Thanks Tracey. Yeah Malachi is a little gem.

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