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I’m a Twitter(aholic)

April 11, 2013

Yes I freely admit it.  I am a twitter(aholic).  I love the exchange of stories/ideas and opinions. I have had fun interacting with people from literally all over the world.  Mainly people here in the states, but Canada and a few in the UK too.  I’ve also made some good friends.  A few in no particular order:  @donlynturnbull, @planet_rawr, @sherry_keller, @emitoms, @canadiancarla, @kat1457, @prezmike25, @s_j67, @jmedinaphoto, @tigerdan4, @matthewmurphy and @nickgryniewicz.   I even found someone with the same birthday as me, which was very cool (@thesmartchic).  There are ALOT of good people out there and connecting with like minded people is uplifting.

Twitter is a great place to start a prayer chain.  Case in point last year when my nephew Malachi was born.  He came into this world a bit earlier than we’d have liked on June 7th weighing just 2.2 pounds.  I shared it with my followers which intern gave Malachi some adopted twitter “Aunties,” who took him to prayer.  @Yankees_pbrfan, @Adallasqtpie, @Chloecat317 and @erinelephant83.  I’m happy to report Malachi now weighs over 16 pounds.

This is how we will be communicating in the future.  Online.  The Washington Nationals AAA affiliate in Syracuse became the 1st team to not broadcast their games on the radio, instead opting for internet only this year.  MLB, NFL and NHL is headed there too.  It may not be for a few years, but it’s on the horizon in the distance.  I am a radio geek.  I love radio.  So as a radio lover, it’s sad to see this. 

Happy tweeting.  Hit me up @geoffconn, would love to hear from you.


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