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Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone Is A Good Thing

August 10, 2013

I just completed my 2nd week, 1st full week at the new job here in Maryville, MO with Nodaway Broadcasting (97.1 The Vill and 95.9/1580 KNIM).  Last week I attended a little news conference with Missouri Governor Jay Nixon who visited regarding a veto he made on a tax for prescription drugs.  Got a chance to meet a few city officials there.  This week I had a one hour sit down with Nodaway County Prosecutor Robert Rice.  Just kind of a “get to know you session.”  Very friendly guy.  In fact, everyone here has been friendly and welcoming.

I had my first extended on air appearance last night.  I interviewed a few 8 man high school football coaches for a series we are doing called “Fan Camp.”  I’ve got more of those the next two Fridays before the season kicks off on August 30th.

This is something I needed.  Moving out of Iowa.  It’s been home all my life, but change has been good for me.  I don’t think I fully saw that until after I got settled here last Saturday after my move.  By the way, thanks to Mom, Dad and my brother Seth for helping me with that.  Moving isn’t usually fun, but as the four of us sat down for some pizza to end the day, mom said she “had fun.”  It was more about us just being together.  I always appreciate time with my family.  Even if it includes moving a few heavy things.

Jim and Joyce Cronin (the owners) have been very good to me already.  Case in point.  My travel expenses.  Jim had a check for me the same day after I submitted a receipt for the truck and gas charges.  I’ve worked in corporate radio most of my life and normally you wouldn’t see a check for a few weeks at best.  They also took me out to lunch after my first day on the job a week ago Tuesday.

My duties include working with Jim on the morning show (97.1 The Vill).  I do twice hourly news/sports updates from 6a-8:35a.  I also record news/sports for 95.9/1580 KNIM that plays throughout the day.

If you want to check me out, you can at either or by searching K V V L on the TUNEIN App.  My “Fan Camp” interviews are posted on the website.  Under the Sports Tab, click on FAN CAMP.

If that little voice in your head is discouraging you from picking up and getting out of your comfort zone, resist it.  Leave.  It’s a good thing.

Oh and perks.  Going to see my Royals tonight and Sunday.  Tonight I’m gonna hang out with my old broadcasting partner Larry Cotlar.  He and his wife and step son are in KC now.  How great is it that I am this close to Kauffman Stadium the first year they are playing well in years?  See!  God just might bless you in a mysterious way by doing what he asks!



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  1. Nice Blog, Geoff. Best of luck with the new job!
    Found out at the State Fair that there is a nice fishing lake near Maryville. Who knows, we might get down that direction sometime for some relaxing & fishing. Terry

  2. Thanks Terry! All has went went here. Learning new stuff everyday.

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