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Working With Zero Tension Is Refreshing

August 21, 2013

I’m in my 4th week at my new job in Maryville.  I was just sitting here today thinking about how my tension level is virtually zero.  I felt quite a bit from the time of the initial call I received from my current boss when he offered the job to the point of my first day.  Yet that sort of tension is only natural, I’m sure you’d agree.  Changing jobs/moving is stressful.  But I have settled in greatly here.  Looking forward to what my future brings.

But the real point I want to make is going into work every morning feeling no stress.  I haven’t felt that way since the early days at KXnO Radio in Des Moines.

Without going into details, my last two Monday-Friday stops in radio weren’t ideal.  The supervisors I had there micro-managed me and quite frankly didn’t trust me to do the job in my opinion.  I don’t react very well when being micro-managed.  It affects my job performance. 

I am so blessed to be here.  I’ve probably bored you all to death by telling you how happy I am.  But it’s the truth.  I’m not ashamed to admit I was dead wrong about the initial thoughts I had about coming here.  Working in corporate radio is not all you might think it is.  There is something to be said for local radio mom and pops who work hard in a small business format to be a public service to their community.  I am pleased that I can be a part of that in Maryville.

I truly feel respected and trusted now.  You can’t imagine how great that feels.  Sometime down the line in a later blog, I’ll write about how everything came into place for me here after I said “yes” to the job offer of Jim and Joyce Cronin.



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  1. George Davison permalink

    Glad that you are enjoying small market radio. It is a blessing in my opinion to be able to see the boss/owner each day and to get to know that person. Small market radio is really what it is all about: local service, true public service that folks within 15 to 20 miles listen to and appreciate.

  2. Thanks George. Agree 100%. It’s been neat running into people here telling me how much they like what I am doing already and all have been very welcoming.

  3. Brad Blackman permalink

    Great job Geoff. Keep on being Geoff. Nice to hear and read about your happiness and success. Great to feel appreciated at your job. Sounds like you have found a great home for your talents. Oh yeah, GO BILLS!!

  4. Thanks Brad. Appreciate it pal. Perhaps your Bills and my Rams can both do something this year!

  5. I am SO happy for you Geoff! You deserve the best and nothing less! Thank you for sharing how happy you are! Love it! #1208

  6. It was totally God led Cynthia, I am convinced of that. I am just happy he gave me the strength to do what he wanted. I am on a track to his will which I am very excited about! #1208

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