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Life Can Change In An Instant

August 14, 2014

Today ended about a 72 hour period for me where things went from A-OK to rather serious.

Sunday night I began to experience some discomfort in my lower stomach.  Wasn’t sure if it was a simple stomach ache or perhaps I was hungry.   As I was trying to fall asleep, the thought of problems to my appendix did occur to me.  I didn’t sleep well, tossing and turning trying to get comfortable.  When I woke up for work Monday, it was still hurting.  After I got out of the warm shower, it felt manageable and I drove into work.

I walked into the office at around 5:00 as per usual.  Gathered the news and sports to prepare them for air.  Recorded news/sports for KNIM without any issues.  Then it hit me while I was sitting down.  A strong shooting pain near the lower right side of my stomach.  It scared me.  Stood up to walk into my office and it became more severe.  Bent me over.  I couldn’t stand up.  Became flush, felt very warm and I lost control of my breathing a bit.

My boss walked past and noticed me grabbing my side and mentioned my appendix, which I was now 100% sure was an issue.  He told me to record some news for The Vill and then head to the the emergency room.  I was out of the building within 10 minutes on the short 2 minute drive to St Francis Hospital, just down the street from our studios.

I checked in around 6:30.  Took some blood samples.  Finally got into get a CT scan around 10:00.  By 10:30 the doctor came and told me that the scan did not reveal appendicitis.  He did say it looked as though the walls of my intestine were irritated and enlarged.  Said I also could have colitis. Told me I could leave with a prescription, but he advised I be admitted immediately so that they could get me on antibiotics to try to reduce the swelling.  I agreed.

Later in the morning another doctor visited my room and said he was very concerned I had appendictis even though the CT didn’t show it.  He pressed around my affected area and it became irritated.  They took a few more blood samples.  Doctor also told me he was trying to get a consult to come up from Kansas City because there were no available surgeons at St Francis.  That doctor never showed.  By then my white blood cell count had increased significantlly in a matter of hours.  Calls were made and off to St Joseph’s Heartland Regional Medical Center I went by Nodaway County Ambulance.

I had been in contact with my parents from Des Moines by then and they were on their way down to meet me.  Shortly after we were on the road to St Joe, Mom texts me and says “we are right behind you.”  After looking through the back window I texted back “perfect timing.”  Mom texts back “God is in control.”  It was comforting to have them both near.

Got into Heartland Regional around 8:15.  Shortly after the surgeon visited my room and told me after looking at my CT scan he was convinced I had appendicitis.  He said we could wait until the morning, but he advised we do it ASAP.  It was around 9:00.  I looked over at my parents and told him, “yes let’s get this done with.”

Surgery prep began and I was wheeled into surgery around 9:30.  An hour later I was out and in recovery.  Wheeled back into my room around 11:15.  Mom and dad spent the night with me in the room.  That was Monday.

The surgeon visited me Tuesday afternoon to discuss what he saw.  He described my infection as “juicy.”  I had quite a bit of nasty stuff there.  I asked him if we would have waited until Tuesday…..yes my appendix would have exploded.  His main concern now was to keep me on antibiotics for another day before I could be released.

My pain levels were rather low.  A blessing.  I was walking around the halls the next morning.  The surgery now is very uninvasive.  I have three small incisions in my upper, middle and lower belly.  I am in very good health too.  Realize this helped me begin to recover so quickly.

I checked out at around NOON Wednesday.  Mom and Dad helped me get some things at the grocery store because I am not allowed to drive for the rest of the week.  Shortly thereafter they went back to Des Moines.  I cannot say how much I appreciate them.  Love them.  Am blessed to still have them nearby.  I got emotional when I said goodbye because I didn’t have to go through this event alone.

If you messaged me on facebook or twitter.  Thank you.  I appreciate your friendship.  It’s so great to have friends who support and care about you when you need it the most.

Gonna be relaxing and doing nothing for the next 5 days before I head back to work on Monday.  I have a follow up appointment in 3 weeks.


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  1. Geoff, I am so glad you are okay. How scary that must have been for you. I was thinking of you the entire time you were going through this experience. You are amazing Geoff and just know how much I appreciate you!!

  2. Sherry permalink

    You are such a positive inspiration to so many people. You had to know that all of us were pulling for you in every way that we could. Love you Geoff Conn but this is your last health scare ever! Got it??? Ok then. Now get better 🙂

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