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Mom Is Always There

May 10, 2015

Honor your father and mother.  That is the 5th Commandment. 

As I have gotten older, I have come to appreciate my parents more and more.  One of the good things that has come from me moving away from them nearly two years ago for a new job is that I have seen them more.  Funny (or sad) but true. 

Sometimes in life we all take things for granted.  I was no exception when it came to my parents.  I always thought they would be here.  No matter what.  I have never thought of my parents as “old.” 

I am very blessed to have healthy, living parents.  Sat next to them in church today.  Thought about mom.  How much she has shaped me into the person I am. 

During today’s sermon, pastor talked about how you should love your mom.  VERBALLY.  Tell her “I love you.”  PHYSICALLY.  Hold her hand, give her a hug.

Perfect example of my mother Lori’s love for her oldest son came last August.  As many of you know, I had an appendectomy.  Routine surgery, not a big deal I know, but still kinda scary at the same time.  My mother (and father) drove down the same day to be with me that night for my surgery.  Spent the night with me in my room.  It was comforting to not have to go through that alone.

As I was leaving for church she gave me a small loaf of her famous homemade bread to take back with me to Maryville, MO today.  That’s my mother, Lori.


I love you Mom.

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