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Polar Opposite Endings For Two Teams

January 15, 2016

What a crazy two polarizing months it’s been for my favorite pro baseball and football teams.

First the Kansas City Royals.

I got to an all time personal high 16 games during the regular season. Great luxury to be up the road 100 miles in Maryville to see the Royals play at Kauffman Stadium.  A few regular season highlights for me included seeing a walkoff homerun by Paulo Orlando to beat the Rays; waiting out a rain delay for two hours with my parents who drove down from Des Moines to see a win against the Toronto Blue Jays and a walkoff hit by Kendrys Morales to beat the LA Angels on Sunday Night Baseball.

Saw three games in the postseason….including the Game #1 ALDS loss to Houston.   But the highlight of that series of course was Game #4.  I was watching that game and stopped watching after the Royals were buried.  (Or we all thought they were).  Down 6-2 after 7.  Got into my car and went for a drive.   After about 15 minutes I turned the radio on.  “….bases loaded,” said Royals broadcaster Ryan Lefevbre. Regained a bit of interest and began to drive back to my place.  I didn’t get out of my car until that inning was over.  KC scored 5 in the 8th and went on to win 9-6.  

In person for Game #2 of the ALCS.  Down 3-0 in the 7th. Comeback to win 6-3 after another 5 run inning in the 7th.  Bedlam at Kauffman.
Took Dad (Don) & Mom (Lori) to the game with me.

World Series opener.  Rainy and delayed.  So worth the wait.   Alex Gordon bomb to force extras.  Win in 14.  I had to work the next morning.  Got back to Maryville at 2am.  Up at 4:30.  Certainly no need to sleep that evening.

To beat the Mets in Game #5 the way the Royals did was a perfect cap to the season.  Down 2-0.  Hosmer ties game in the 9th on a head first slide into home.  Another extra inning victory.

The Kansas City Royals are World Champions.

Now to the Rams.

Have been asked my opinion/reaction.  I am not a typical Rams fan living in Missouri because they have been my team since the Los Angeles Rams lost Superbowl XIV to the Pittsburgh Steelers after the 1979 season.  It stinks.  It’s depressing.  I am not “down in the dumps,” but not thrilled either.  Caught literally in the middle.

I had been to Minnesota twice to see the Rams before they moved to the Gateway to the West.  My first ever Rams game in St Louis was the Divisional Playoff game against the Vikings in 1999.

First play from scrimmage.  Warner to Bruce.  Touchdown.  Complete and utter bedlam at the old TransWorld Dome.  Will never forget how loud that place got.  Pure excitement for me to see the Greatest Show On Turf in person.  Made it back the following week to see a win over Tampa Bay in the NFC Championship.

In later years, saw the Dolphins twice and the Packers once.  Made it a total of five times to the Dome.

I admit calling the St Louis Rams the Los Angeles Rams again is gonna take some getting used to.  Never seriously thought the Rams would leave, despite all the threats.

If you were a St Louis Rams fan, but won’t be a Los Angeles Rams fan, I understand.   Don’t blame you.   But for me, the Rams is the only team I have ever rooted for.



Dad and me in 2012 for Rams vs Packers.

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